Paradox In Life

In life we cannot really plan what we want to do. We should make efforts to make our job thorough yet be prepared for all eventuality. It does make me question on what we should do incase an anomaly does arise. i.e. “I did everything but yet it went wrong.”

The other day I was all set to start a blog. A major effort for me. I do not usually sit with my laptop for long durations and I am not net savvy … so am a bit shy when the need of IT arises. This day I took out time, put on my sweetest behaviour for the web savvy member of my family to help me set it up and sat down to write … But what should happen? While eating rice, I decided to eat with my fingers (quite unlikely on other days) and I got my fingers burnt in the hot steam of it. I had to quickly attend to them, apply the roti dough (an age old, foolproof grandma’s recipe) and was quite out of job for the next few hours. Then what ? … Time was out of my control … when the fingers were repaired … a friend dropped in for a long chat, way into the night … and blog … postponed to the next night.

A few days earlier we went to Dehradun to meet our children and attend a function in their school. Unlike most times we decided to fly down and then return by train. Comfortable, enjoyable, relaxing and foolproof plan. Just at the time of our boarding, all the flights to Dehradun were cancelled due to an ongoing repair at the Doon airport. There was a flurry amongst all parents taking the next three morning flights to the school. The airport authorities were unprepared and made us run in circles to claim baggage. We finally drove down at break neck speed yet missed the function as we had assumed. To add to the anxiety was the tormenting weather in Doon. The kids called us consistently to tell us how badly it was raining and how the program was also in a mess. Sensibility and patience on the head master’s part saved them from too much worry. The program was moved to an indoor premise and its duration shortened. We of course missed it all and learnt to take respite in the alternative experience it offered. We shared our drive with an interesting occupant and the journey was not that bad after all. The kids were much fussed on when we met them. The next day turned out just as eventful. We cancelled our train and drove through the night. The previous night making us hardy, we were conveniently optimistic during the journey and did not divulge our minds to the dangers of driving through that notorious stretch in the dead of night. Of course reaching the midway for a late night meal at the nick of time added to the glory.

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